Who the hell is 'Dan Cole' anyway?

Coffee addict, comic book geek, terrible dancer. Like so many others, I contain multitudes.

I’m a Durham native just coming back to the east coast after six years of living, working, and honing my skills in Portland, Oregon. I grew up with a love of comics and my head in the clouds, but my feet kept being pulled back to the ground by the realities of the world. Thus it wasn’t until I was in my early-20s that I discovered I could make a living making pretty pictures – or at least I could try.

I’ve worked with mom-and-pop print shops, boutique agencies, and larger companies. In that time, I’ve worked for a number of industries, bringing an eclectic point-of-view to my design work. In a nutshell, I’ve done a bunch, and I’ve gained a lot of knowledge along the way, and I use that to inform my designs.

Wanna know more? Just drop me a line, and let’s chat!